Alan Gertler, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow, Roman Macaya Hayes Global Science Diplomacy

Alan Gertler is the Roman Macaya Hayes Global Science Diplomacy senior fellow at GCSE and Long Island University. He supports the development of programs focused on improving environmental health and fostering collaborations between scientists and policymakers to implement practical science-based solutions that address collective global issues. He is also a research professor in the Division of Atmospheric Sciences at the Desert Research Institute (DRI). He previously served as DRI’s vice president for research and the director of DRI’s Clean Technologies and Renewable Energy Center, the umbrella under which all of DRI’s renewable energy research, education, and outreach is conducted. His research includes both laboratory and field studies of air quality with particular emphasis on the impact of mobile sources on the environment, development of new methods to attribute observed particulate matter levels to specific sources, and urban air qualities studies in the developing world.