Jeffrey Leonard

In Memory, 1954–2018

Dr. Jeffrey Leonard was a true visionary whose contributions to improving our planet will have a lasting effect for many years to come. He dedicated his life’s work to protecting the environment and was globally renowned for advancing innovative, science-based solutions to complex socio-environmental challenges. As the CEO and Co-Founder of the Global Environment Fund, Dr. Leonard was a pioneer in private investment mechanisms aimed at the interface between the energy and environmental sectors. Dr. Leonard was a founding member of the National Council for Science and the Environment’s (NCSE) Board of Directors, where he served for more than 27 years, until this year when he was inducted into the NCSE Founders’ Circle. He is held in the highest regard by his fellow Board Members and the broader NCSE community, and by countless colleagues worldwide. Dr. Jeffrey Leonard will forever be remembered for his integrity and leadership and for his commitment to NCSE’s mission of improving the scientific basis for environmental decision-making.