Kirsten (Kat) Taylor
GCSE Drawdown USA Scholars Coordinator

Kirsten (Kat) Taylor is the GCSE Drawdown USA Scholars coordinator. She is currently a student at Case Western Reserve University studying chemical biology and environmental studies. In the summer of 2019, she was an Inaugural Penn State Drawdown Scholar and worked with a team to analyze the sociological assumptions underlying one of Project Drawdown’s climate solutions. As a GCSE Drawdown USA Scholar, she will help build the GCSE Drawdown USA network—fostering connections between organizations that are trying to implement Project Drawdown’s solutions to reverse climate change. She will also support interested universities in integrating Project Drawdown into their Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) by creating resources and assisting them to further develop their REU programs. As coordinator for the NCSE Drawdown USA Scholars, she will coordinate communication and projects for them and will also facilitate communication with students who have participated in Drawdown related research programs (e.g., Penn State Drawdown REU: