Mamta Mehra, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow, Climate Solutions

Dr. Mamta Mehra is the senior fellow for climate solutions at GCSE and manages the GCSE Drawdown USA Scholars. As an environmental professional, she has more than eleven years of expertise in climate change, agriculture, and natural resource management. Dr. Mehra is also working with Project Drawdown as a Senior Fellow and Research Program officer, where she is focusing on Drawdown solutions in the Land Use and Food sectors and managing the research fellowship program. She is also working as an independent consultant and working with various national and international organizations on climate change issues, and she is one of the senior analysts of the Keeling Curve Prize. Previously, Dr. Mehra worked in different research capacities for Swiss Aid, UNDP-Australian Aid, and World Bank. Dr. Mehra has authored many peer reviewed papers and is one of the contributors to the New York Times bestseller book, “Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming”.