Mikko Hallikainen

Research Intern

Mikko Hallikainen is the research intern at GCSE. He is a junior at the Arizona State University (ASU) Berrett Honores College, majoring in geography and sociology with a minor in sustainability and pursuing a certificate in GIS. Professionally, Mikko has worked as an administrative aid for ASU's Entrepreneurship + Innovation initiative and as an intern for Carbon180, an NGO focused on the growing potential of carbon removal technologies. He is especially interested in the intersection between sustainability and the social sciences, and how group behaviors can inhibit and aid the growth of sustainable technologies, as well as practices moving into the future. In the past, Mikko has used GIS to map out the usage of certain carbon drawdown farming techniques for Carbon 180 and the location and attributes of cooling centers in Maricopa Country in coordination with the Maricopa Heat Relief Network.