Poster Presentation: Supporting Faculty, Staff, and Administrators to Develop Robust Sustainability-Related Programs: Research-Based Designs of an NCSE Proposed Project

This poster will describe the research-based design of a proposed project to support NCSE Member Institutions to further develop sustainability-related programs. The NCSE
Community of Practice project on developing a consensus statement around program-level core competencies in sustainability is launching its second phase. Two graduate students from the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University will help advance efforts on the project. The second phase pursues two facets: (1) institutional-level support for administrators and staff; and (2) course-level resources for instructors. The objective for this second phase is to assist in the development of non-prescriptive, robust competency-based, sustainability-related programs. At the institutional-level, Jordan King, Ph.D. student, will develop resources from existing research and best practices. These resources will assist administrators and staff to facilitate and assess the improvement of their own programs. At the course-level, Jacqueline Kolb, a Global Sustainability Science master’s student, will utilize a systematic instructional design process to develop tools for instructors. These tools will support instructors to shift towards a competency-based approach in their courses. This poster will present details of the proposed project and the research methods informing its design. We welcome NCSE Member Institutions to learn more and provide ideas and feedback.


  • Jordan King, Graduate Student, Arizona State University
  • Jacqueline Kolb, Graduate Student, Arizona State University