Poster Presentation: What Heavy Metals are Absorbed by Plants, If Any?

We chose to do this project due to the health hazards found in the water in Flint, Michigan. These hazards need to be acknowledged and proper precautionary actions need to be taken. Lead is known to cause developmental delays in the education of children, but what other heavy metals could be present? It was hypothesized that if there were heavy metals present in the water, the plants would absorb it into their tissues. The experiment consisted of 40 Wisconsin Fast Plants that were grown in groups of 20, one in distilled water and the other group in a water sample from the Gilkey Creek. The method used to test for the presence of heavy metals was EPA Method 3050B. The metals tested for were; lead, iron, cadmium, nickel, tin, and chromium. The results were that cadmium was present in the Gilkey Creek water, but not in the plants that were grown using the Gilkey Creek water.


  • Raven Hupp-Andrews, Student, Mott Community College 
  • Khadija Briggs, Student, Mott Community College