The GCSE team is currently teleworking in response to the COVID-19 situation. We remain committed to improving the scientific basis of environmental decision-making and are connecting with our community virtually during this time. Click a team member name or photo below to see the most current contact information. 

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Program Associate
Deputy Director
Senior Advisor for University Relations
Senior Program Director
Program Associate
Executive Director


Research Fellow
Technology Fellow
Roman Macaya Hayes Global Science Diplomacy Senior Fellow
Senior Fellow, Community Colleges
Senior Fellow, Climate Adaptation
Senior Fellow, Climate Science
Graduate Student Fellow, Sustainability Education
Senior Fellow, International Strategy
Senior Fellow, Climate Solutions
Senior Fellow, Sustainability and Climate
Senior Fellow, Circular Economy Globally
Senior Fellow, Sustainability Education
Research Fellow, NSF INCLUDES
Senior Fellow

GCSE Scholars

GCSE Drawdown USA Scholar
GCSE Drawdown USA Scholar
GCSE Drawdown USA Scholar
GCSE Drawdown USA Scholar
GCSE Drawdown USA Scholars Coordinator


Research Intern