GCSE Applied Solutions

The Opportunity

Academic scientists and local government leaders at the Global Council for Science and the Environment (GCSE) are uniquely positioned to accelerate the use of science and evidence to inform and make more durable local government environmental decisions and policies. Working with universities, local government leaders can access and maximize data collection and research tools to rationalize their policies to better meet their individual community-level climate goals. 

Applied Solutions was established in 2009 as an independent nonprofit. Recognizing the value for science that GCSE and Applied Solutions communities share in common, the two organizations merged in 2020. Today GCSE Applied Solutions is growing a community of scientists and local decision-makers to work together to share and leverage experiences spanning work at the policy and implementations levels. By sharing knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices, local governments and institutions of higher education around the world can unlock science-informed solutions to mitigate ecosystem degradation, biodiversity loss, climate change, and to protect ecosystem services and communities ranging from people, to flora and fauna. ​​​​​​


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GCSE invites you to join the new GCSE Applied Solutions Science Action Platform on LinkedIn.

The GCSE Applied Solutions Science Action Platform is free, accessible to all members, user friendly, and covers topics ranging from atmospheric science to fire science and from agriculture to clean energy.

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You can use this platform to share information and opportunities by exchanging posts. You can find other members putting science into practice and grow your network of university and local government partners. As a part of this group you can share your ideas, inspiration, and tips and tap into our communities’ resources.


GCSE welcomes your involvement. For questions, or to get involved, please contact GCSE at GCSE@gcseglobal.org and the appropriate team member will be in contact.