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You can use this platform to network, create posts, and find other members to grow a network of university and local government partners putting science into practice. As a part of this group you can share your ideas, inspiration, tips and tap into our community’s resources.


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GCSE is building programs that harness this untapped potential of universities to contribute to local community resilience. In 2019, GCSE officially absorbed Applied Solutions, a standing network of over 150 local governments across the United States.

Launched in 2008, Applied Solutions was a nonprofit organization that brought together local governments throughout the United States to help communities build a clean economy through implementing sustainable water and energy technology. Applied Solutions provided information to its affiliates through newsletters, webinars, a clean economy knowledge center, and technical guidebooks. 

With Applied Solutions affiliates now a part of the GCSE network, GCSE is working to create a program to grow systemic capacity that links scientists and decision-makers. These connections will provide capacity to local governments and ultimately help transform the institutional relationships between universities and local communities to benefit sustained climate resilience.