C4: Coastal Adaptation in Hampton Roads: Practice, Engagement, & Education

The Hampton Roads region is experiencing sea level rise at twice the global rate and is a rich test bed offering approaches for the evaluation of risk and adaptation responses. This session showcases a range of projects across the region illustrating these approaches and responses. In particular, the session highlights how universities can act as boundary spanning entities. Presented projects include: 1) cross-university, cross disciplinary program developing real world interventions for communities impacted by sea level rise; 2) integration of science with legal policy and analysis to provide solutions to solve coastal management issues, including working with individual communities to help them assess and increase their resilience; 3) process to guide acquisition of residential parcels for green space in an urban landscape; and 4) two case studies, a study assessing current and future risk from sea level rise posed to structural assets at the Port of Virginia, and another study focused on risk assessment and adaptive design solutions for communities in a shared watershed. Partnerships for these projects cross-sectoral boundaries and include educational institutions, private industry, and multiple municipalities. As demonstrated by these efforts, coastal cities are working toward adaptation, and multi-sectoral collaboration projects have the ability to fill resource gaps and bring expertise from all sectors for successful adaptation response.


  • Carol Considine, Associate Professor, Old Dominion University
  • Joshua Behr, Research Professor, Old Dominion University
  • Thomas Allen, Professor, Old Dominion University
  • Mason Andrews, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Hampton University
  • Elizabeth A. Andrews, Professor of the Practice and Director, Virginia Coastal Policy Center, William and Mary Law School
  • Christopher Chope, Vice President, Virginia Port Authority
  • Katerina Oskarsson, Chief Strategy Officer, RISE, City of Norfolk
  • Dave Imburgia, Resiliency Officer, City of Hampton