The 2020 Community College Handbook: Decision-Making

Join the 2020 Editorial Board for the NCSE Community College Handbook for Sustainability Education and Operations in workshopping and providing input on emergent chapters to be added to the online handbook. Participants will read drafts and/or respond to author presentations on the following new topics, which were discussed at the NCSE 2019 Summer Member Meeting. The following will become completed chapters for the 2020 Handbook:

  • Urban Food Systems at Community Colleges
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Sustainability and Underrepresented Populations
  • Workforce and Business Education for Sustainability at CCs
  • Sustainability Beyond STEM: Interdisciplinarity at CCs
  • Making Sustainability Sustainable: Institutionalizing at CCs

Updates to current chapters will also be shared, including a new introduction on “Responding to the Climate Crisis” at Community Colleges. Participant input from both two- and four-year colleges, community partners, and agencies are welcomed at this workshop, where we develop practical content to support, scale, and accelerate work that strengthens science and environmental decision-making in the Community College Network. Participants are encouraged to read the current handbook chapters and to fill out the “submit your case study” if they have a project or process to contribute.

Chapters in the Handbook are written by NCSE Member Institutions within the Community College Network as an opportunity to publish scholarship and operational best practices addressing the unique assets and challenges at community colleges.


  • Marianella Franklin, Chief Sustainability Officer, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  • Robert Franco, Director, Office for Institutional Effectiveness, Kapi‘olani Community College; NCSE Community College Network Leaders’ Alliance Executive Committee
  • Chris Beehner, Professor, Seminole State
  • Kara Casy, Senior Manager of Grant Project, El Centro College
  • Brandon Morton, Sustainability Project Coordinator, North Lake College
  • Maria Boccalandro, Director of Sustainability, Cedar Valley College