F6: Making Climate Change Personal for Effective Communication

Climate change poses many risks to human health. Communities in the U.S. are already experiencing the adverse health consequences that are projected to only worsen. Yet, the connection between climate change and health is largely undiscussed and represents an opportunity for strengthening the case for wider understanding of how climate change affects our health. Communicating climate and health effects through personal storytelling is a powerful tool for advocacy. Many advocates struggle to effectively articulate how climate change affects them personally, their families, and their communities on the ground. Equipping individuals with effective storytelling techniques and climate and health data will lead to more empowered advocates who can drive policy change to build community health resilience.


  • Rachel McMonagle, Program Manager, Climate Change, American Public Health Association
  • Surili Sutaria Patel, Deputy Director, Public Health Policy, American Public Health Association
  • Gabriella Witte, Senior Manager, Government Relations, American Public Health Association
  • Louise Dettman, Communications Specialist, American Public Health Association