Poster Presentation: All Signs Point to Canada: Climate change migration and the imminent threat of rising sea levels

The growing threat of rising sea levels and the potential for mass environmental migration due to global warming and subsequent climate change has prompted people to push their governments for a response to the needs of climate refugees. The world’s oceans have acted as a buffer for increased global temperatures, absorbing 93% of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The resulting increase in sea surface temperatures and melting ice sheets/glaciers has caused sea levels to rise three inches in the last 25 years. This trend is expected to continue, and although short-term solutions are being put in place, the long-term consequences of rising sea levels are not yet being addressed. A lack of agreement and decision-making has resulted in little to no policy development regarding national responses to mass human migrations due to environmental disasters. We propose Canadian solutions to the influx of environmental refugees that will occur due to rising sea levels. Entire coastal cities will be submerged, but some areas in Canada previously considered unlivable will become attractive for habitation as the overall climate warms. Our poster will investigate the potential options for policies surrounding environmental refugees in Canada.


  • Jessica Daze, Manjot Kaur, Riley Lepp, Caprial Purdy, students from Ecosystem Management Technology Program, Fleming College