Poster Presentation: The Unseen Pollutant: Acoustical radiation mitigation strategies in urban planning and policy initiatives

As the Earth entered the Anthropocene epoch, humanity became increasingly disconnected from the natural world. Exemplifying this are anthropogenic pollutants, neither seen nor heard, that are often overlooked in environmental decision-making. These pollutants include the radiation byproducts of urban areas and major projects, some of which have potentially adverse environmental effects. The effects of anthropogenic acoustical radiation on wildlife, ecosystem goods and services, and human health have continued to be heavily documented as we expand our cities and build new ones, but urban planning and government policy to prevent or mitigate our ever increasing output of this radiation lags seriously behind. Through a review of the current literature, relevant studies and noise assessment protocols, our poster will explore the adoption of mitigation techniques (such as porous pavements, green roofs, and green berms along highways) in urban planning and policy initiatives to reduce the impacts of acoustical radiation in urban environments.


  • Steven Lee, Reegan Sargent, Madeline Tregenza, David-Angelo Williams, students from Ecosystem Management Technology Program, Fleming College