Sustainability Education Consensus Statement and Core Competencies Community of Practice (CoP) Session

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are technical working groups open to individuals from NCSE Member Institutions that explore and investigate a given field, discipline/program, or sector-specific challenge more deeply based on criteria that might include impact, urgency, risk, opportunity, or innovation. The Sustainability Education Consensus Statement and Core Competencies CoP is working to identify the core sustainability competencies and student learning outcomes. Through an expert-based Delphi-Study, webinars, and workshops at professional meetings, the group aims to reach a nationwide "Consensus Statement" on sustainability competencies in order to better define the nature of sustainability and environmental education to inform university administrators, students and parents, potential employers, and potential funders about what we do and provide a means of integrating a broad range of perspectives to develop a holistic approach to sustainability problem-solving reaching across disciplines and professions.



  • Peter Walker, Dean and Professor, Falk School of Sustainability, Chatham University
  • Rod Parnell, Professor, Northern Arizona University; NCSE Senior Fellow (2018–2019)

  • Katja Brundiers, Assistant Research Professor, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University