Drawdown Solutions Hackathon

Calling all programmers: Contribute to solving climate change

The Drawdown Solutions Hackathon, hosted by GCSE and the Global Research Collaborative, is hosting a weekend long hackathon to build out the climate solutions platform.

We're empowering developers to contribute their skills and passion towards a critical piece of technology in the race towards Drawdown (the point where atmospheric carbon reduces year over year). This platform will model the CO2 reduction and financial costs for the top 100 solutions for climate change. It will be an open source tool available for use by researchers, investors, and policy makers to drive action towards a sustainable future.

We are inviting Python & JavaScript developers to contribute to building the solution models, API, and UI. This will be an opportunity to grow your coding skills, network with other climate conscious developers, and learn how carbon affects our planet on a technical level.

Detailed video introduction to the platform

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