International Summit on Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution is accumulating at an alarming rate with plastic waste into aquatic ecosystems on track to nearly triple by 2040 if action is not taken to control plastic emissions from source to sea.

The Global Council for Science and Environment (GCSE)Embassy of France Office for Science and Technology in the United States, and Long Island University invite you to join us virtually or in person for an international summit on plastic pollution titled From Research to Action: Responding to Plastic Pollution through Science. The Summit will focus on:

  • Advancing ongoing plastic pollution research focused on bilateral collaboration co-led by a cohort of French and American scientists from GCSE and the French Embassy Office of Science and Technology;

  • Exploring how the most current science can support and inform decision-making and policy at all levels of government and across sectors to support the anticipated compliance requirements to be set following the recently passed End Plastic Pollution resolution during the UN Environment Assembly in early March; and

  • Joining an initiative led by Long Island University and GCSE to accelerate single-use plastic bans at institutions of higher education by 2024.

The Summit is free and open to all. To register, please click below and spread the word to your colleagues, students, and networks.

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