Operational Forest Carbon Monitoring in Interior Alaska

Project Description

Having developed novel methods needed to monitor forest carbon in the most accessible regions of interior Alaska, the research group is working on a Web Map and Data User Interface that will allow managers to visualize and interact with the spatial data products. The tool will allow government agencies and local communities to compute and map forest resources and carbon stocks within large management areas for planning and decision-making activities. It will also accelerate the transition of  scientific research into societal benefits.

Project Leads

Bruce has gray hair and glasses, and is standing in front of a blue sky and green trees, he is wearing a green jacket with a blue shirt

Bruce Cook, PhD, Research Assistant, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)

Dr. Cook is a Physical Scientist who studies ecosystem form and function in uplands and wetlands using lidar and multi-sensor remote sensing.  His research interests include photosynthesis and plant production; disturbance and plant succession; nutrient cycling; and ecosystem-atmosphere exchange of CO2, CH4, heat and water vapor.  He is Deputy Project Scientist for Landsat 9, and Principal Investigator of NASA Goddard’s Lidar, Hyperspectral, and Thermal (G-LiHT) airborne imager (http://gliht.gsfc.nasa.gov).

Hans-Erik Andersen, PhD, Research Forester, US Forest Service

Hans-Erik Andersen is a research forester with the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station in Seattle, Washington, USA. He is team leader for the Vegetation Monitoring & Remote Sensing team in the PNW Resource Monitoring and Assessment program. His research focuses on development of remote sensing applications to support the US Forest Inventory & Analysis (FIA) program (the US national forest inventory), with particular emphasis on monitoring the boreal forests of interior Alaska. Andersen has a PhD in forest biometrics & remote sensing from the University of Washington.

Hans-Erik is wering a blue shirt, he has gray hair and sun glasses


Additional Collaborators

Anika Halota, Software Developer, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)

Sean Cahoon, PhD, Research Ecologist, US Forest Service

Kate Legner, Interior Coordinator, US Forest Service

Katie Baer, PhD, Research Ecologist, US Forest Service