GCSE Drawdown USA Research Association

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The Global Council for Science and the Environment (GCSE) Drawdown USA Research Association (Drawdown USA) works to catalyze the development of robust regional models for the implementation of the Drawdown solutions in the United States and to further use of science and research to support implementation of the solutions set forth by Project Drawdown.


Drawdown USA is made possible with support from GCSE in partnership with Project Drawdown


What is Drawdown? 

Drawdown is the point in time when the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begins to decline on a year-to-year basis. It is the prerequisite for restoring our natural carbon cycle and reversing global warming. Project Drawdown is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying and researching strategies that can help society achieve Drawdown. 


Science to Action

Drawdown USA will further the work to retain and grow the science and research informing solutions that achieve significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The goals of the NCSE Drawdown USA Research Association are to:

  • Educate current and future leaders on the science of Drawdown.
  • Develop tools for assessing the feasibility and optimizing the deployment of Drawdown solutions.
  • Document and share information on effective implementation of Drawdown solutions at local and regional scales.
  • Engage and facilitate collaboration between researchers, scientists, decision-makers, and other stakeholders to sustain the development and application of conceptual tools to help implement solutions. 


Get Involved

Drawdown Solutions Hackathon

Calling all programmers: Contribute to solving climate change

March 20th 12:00pm PST - March 21st 4:00pm PST

This event has passed, and registration is now closed. Please contact gcse@gcseglobal.org for more information about upcoming Hackathons.

The GCSE Drawdown USA Research Association is hosting a weekend-long hackathon to continue the build out of the climate solutions platform, which has been underway since 2019. The recent 4 months have seen the completion of the V.1 web interface, and this hackathon will focus on building crucial components of the modeling engine behind it. Here is the Github repository for the project and a detailed video introduction.

We're empowering developers to contribute their skills and passion towards a critical piece of technology in the race towards Drawdown (the point where atmospheric carbon reduces year over year). This platform will model the CO2 reduction and financial costs for the top 100 solutions for climate change. It will be an open source tool available for use by researchers, investors, and policy makers to drive action towards a sustainable future.

We are inviting Python & JavaScript developers to contribute to building the solution models, and API. This will be an opportunity to grow your coding skills, network with other climate conscious developers, and learn how carbon affects our planet on a technical level.