GCSE Leaders' Alliance

The GCSE Alliance of Sustainability and Environmental Academic Leaders (GCSE Leaders’ Alliance) brings together over 100 deans, directors, and academic leaders of environmental and sustainability departments, programs, and schools from all GCSE Members. Participation in the GCSE Leaders’ Alliance provides a valuable peer network for academic leaders to improve the quality and effectiveness of environmental and sustainability higher education programs, research, curricula, and workforce development. 

The GCSE Leaders’ Alliance convenes to create and foster cooperative efforts with all GCSE Members; federal, tribal, state, and local agencies; community-based organizations; and the private sector. Formerly known as the NCSE Council of Environmental Deans and Directors (CEDD) and the NCSE Community College Alliance for Sustainability Education (CCASE), the GCSE Leaders’ Alliance now captures both CEDD and CCASE. The GCSE Leaders' Alliance is led by an Executive Committee that includes representation from four- and two-year colleges and universities. The GCSE Leaders’ Alliance provides input and perspective on priorities of GCSE Members and advances the quality and effectiveness of interdisciplinary environmental and sustainability education and scholarship.