March 2020: Long Island University

March, 2020

Long Island University Brooklyn Campus

Long Island University (LIU) is advancing as a leading institution in producing research that bridges environmental and health sciences, while educating students for a sustainable future economy. LIU has been an NCSE Member for three years. Two of the University’s signature research areas—One Health and Resilient Communities—highlight LIU’s awareness and commitment to finding solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. Leveraging its proximity to the United Nations’ headquarters, LIU has aligned several of its courses’ learning objectives and extracurricular programs with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, while faculty across multiple disciplines are producing high-level, federally and privately funded research in climate science, public health, the social sciences, and humanities.

Did You Know? The Campus Urban Sustainability Program (CUSP)—a program funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, in collaboration with the Director of the Honors College, a fellow of the Theodore Roosevelt Institute of LIU (dedicated to one of the founders of conservation in the U.S.)—have recruited a leading environmentalist for the 50th anniversary celebration of Earth Day this April (the speaker’s identity will be revealed soon).