Moravian University

September, 2022

Founded in 1742 on a belief that education is essential for all, Moravian is the 6th oldest college in the United States. Part of the institutional mission is that Moravian prepares each individual for transformative leadership in a world of change. Through the environmental science and studies programs, along with many other academic programs and co-curricular activities, Moravian mentors students to investigate and address environmental change locally and globally, and are guiding them to become leaders who, through a liberal education, can help create a more sustainable future for people and the planet. Moravian strongly believes that working collaboratively and serving the larger community is critical to fulfilling our mission.

Moravian has been a member of the Global Council for Science and the Environment (GCSE) since the 2009–10 academic year, and over the years have participated in the Council of Environmental Deans and Directors (CEDD), the GCSE Leaders Alliance, and the delegation to the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) . 

Moravian students and faculty have helped the City of Bethlehem 3 Moravian students conduct research in a rocky area of a grassy hilldevelop its climate action plan and the regional planning commission develop their greenhouse gas inventory. Since 2007, students have conducted research at the Palmerton Superfund Site, providing critical scientific data for the responsible party and state and federal agencies that has guided the revegetation efforts and adaptive management of part of the site.

Not only do Moravian faculty and students “think globally, act locally,” they also act globally. Moravian has been an official observer for the UNFCCC since 2009. Their students and faculty attend as researchers, activists, and global learners. One faculty member plays a leadership role on the Research and Independent NGOs constituency group and on task forces for the Technology Executive Committee. The institution is also involved in a National Science Foundation funded Research Coordination Network: the Youth Environmental Alliance in Higher Education that aims to develop young leaders at the undergraduate and graduate level who can work at the science—decision-making interface within the UNFCCC and the Sustainable Development Goals. Moravian faculty and students also participate in research on biodiversity, conservation science, and sustainability through the Rocky Mountain Sustainability and Science Network (a partnership of higher education institutions, a private 501 3C organization, and the National Park Service) and in Costa Rica, in conjunction with the Camaquiri Conservation Initiative.

Did you know? 

Students, alumni, and employees participate in the campus sustainability committee that, in 2015, created the Greenhound Fund. Funds from this account pay for campus projects designed to have a positive impact both on the environment and institutional budget. Accumulated savings over time pay back the money invested in the project.