Network for Women-Inspired Leadership

A growing body of evidence shows that women’s leadership, across sectors, results in more favorable environmental decisions and outcomes. GCSE is launching the Network for Women-Inspired Leadership, a group of people from member institutions who will think together about the qualities of environmental decision-making by women that lead to more favorable results, and the paradigm changes needed to have the world benefit from women’s environmental leadership in higher education, public governance, business, and civil society. 
Together we will focus specifically on the traits and qualities of women’s leadership that have been shown to result in more favorable environmental decisions and outcomes, and lead to more successful transdisciplinary efforts. We’ll look at ways to use this network to promote the advantages of the feminine principle in environmental leadership. Any faculty, staff and students interested in collaborating are invited to join us.

“The feminine principle in environmental leadership includes the concept of bringing one’s whole self to all that we do and leading with heart (even when we get signals that intellect is the primary or only credible foundation). Embracing one’s personal power, learning to stand in that power in all kinds of circumstances, and engaging from a position of personal sovereignty and power-with allows for leadership in a model so very different than the hierarchical, power-over model of the dominant paradigm.”

Valerie Luzadis, Founder, Heart Forward Science and GCSE Board Member