2024 EnvironMentors Science Fair and Awards Ceremony

The Global Council for Science and the Environment (GCSE) is pleased to announce the 2024 EnvironMentors National Science Fair and Awards Ceremony will be hosted on Monday, June 3, 2024 at the U.S. Department of Agriculture - Jamie L. Whitten Building Patio. The National Fair is an opportunity for EnvironMentors students to learn more about our nation’s capital, to meet fellow EnvironMentors students, and learn the role science plays in environmental decision-making. 

A large group of students and mentors posing for a photo at the 2023 National Science Fair.
2023 EnvironMentors National Science Fair participants at AGU

If you're interested in participating in the 2024 National Fair, please reach out to Liz Nelson, Program Manager, at elizabeth@gcseglobal.org to learn about volunteer judge opportunities and more.


Learn about the EnvironMentors program here and explore the 2023 EnvironMentors National Science Fair here.

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