Beyond COP27: Sustaining Momentum on Climate Action

In this webinar series, GCSE scholars and experts debriefed the events of COP27, and discussed how to effectively sustain action on loss and damage, mitigation, and just transition; all topics that were at the forefront of this COP.

Our first webinar took place December 14, 2022 at 2:00 pm EST, and provided a broad evaluation of COP27 from a panel of GCSE delegates. Our speakers included:

  • Dr. Diane Husic (moderator), GCSE Senior Fellow, United Nations Climate and Sustainable Development Goals, and Founding Dean of Moravian University’s Center for Scholarship, Research, and Creative Endeavors.
  • Dr. Karim Ahmed (speaker), GCSE Co-founder and faculty for Occupational & Environmental Medicine, University of Connecticut Health Center.
  • Dr. Esther Obonyo (speaker), GCSE Senior Fellow, Local Climate Action and Just Transition and Director of the Global Building Network at Pennsylvania State University.
  • Muhammad Abdullah (speaker), GCSE COP27 Delegate and Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Michigan.

Our broad network of scholars, thought leaders, and practitioners joined this event. Watch the event recording below.

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