GCSE Managed Retreat Learning Collaborative

The Learning Collaborative will build upon themes and discussions from COP26 on the issue of climate-induced land relinquishment and relocation. 

The systems of systems approach to managed retreat graphic depicts the different aspects to be considered, such as agriculture, culture, services, production, lifeways, commerce, heritage, and infrastructureTopics may include: 

  • The impact of sea-level rise and drought on land use and agricultural production
  • Re-creation of critical infrastructures, including physical, social and cyber
  • Managing emigree and host community needs and expectations, mitigating potential resource conflicts
  • Sustainable financing of community transference*
  • Integrating Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge to advance climate solutions*
  • Relationships and collaboration to advance actionable knowledge for decision-making*
  • The role of financial markets, including banking and insurance sectors in influencing risk reduction, asset protection and more
  • Effects of relocation, integration and acculturation on health
  • Systemic institutional change from local to global scales*

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