Sustainability in Higher Education: Resources

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An important component of the accreditation initiative is the development of resources that enable deeper exploration of the Key Competencies in Sustainability, sustainability in  for program design and improvement. Below, we share some of the resources we've created through the Pathways toward Accreditation Initiative. Check this page frequently as our resource list grows!


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Learning Module on Key Competencies

GCSE has developed an online, asynchronous learning module designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the Key Competencies in Sustainability. The course offers participants the opportunity to explore each key competency in sustainability and apply sustainability thinking to a local sustainability challenge using the accompanying workbook.  A quiz and short essay at the end allow participants to share their problem-solving approach and obtain a certificate. View the beta version of the learning module here.


2023 Report: Should I Major in Sustainability?

This report documents a website review of sustainability programs at 100 U.S. HEIs. The researchers, two student interns at the Global Council for Science and the Environment, examined sustainability and sustainability-related degrees and program offerings at each institution. The report provides insight into sustainability education and the needs and interests of various stakeholders, concluding with recommendations for further research and a more comprehensive program census. View report here.

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Meeting recordings: stakeholder feedback

 Our team has taken care to engage a wide variety of stakeholders in the process of developing dynamic and context-specific guidance for the design and evaluation of sustainability degrees. We intend to to continue to make this a transparent and inclusive process for all stakeholders. View past meeting recordings to learn more about this project and the evolution of our thinking in response to stakeholder feedback. View our Sustainability Education playlist on YouTube.

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We have created a living collection of resources that inform our continued work in sustainability education and accreditation. We welcome input or suggestions for resources to add to this list. Please email with suggestions or queries: