Sustainability in Higher Education: Inclusive Participation

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Through the duration of this project, GCSE has worked to engage a wide audience of stakeholders, including faculty, students, program directors, scholars, and employers across sectors. We convene stakeholders regularly in formal groups, such as the Sustainability Education Community of Practice, as well as public events, such as our quarterly roundtable discussions.


We have assembled a high-level advisory council called the Sustainability Education Leadership Advisory Council (SELAC). The Advisory Council members offer their expertise through participation in quarterly meetings or panel discussions, and bringing diverse perspectives to emphasize our priority for emphasizing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. The current advisory council includes:

SELAC Headshots


Other special advisors to this project include: Michelle Wyman, Daita Serghi, Teri Balser, Shelley Kossak

Scholars Team

This initiative is advanced by a group of dedicated experts and scholars from various institutions:

  • Krista Hiser, Ph.D., Senior Lead and Advisor for Sustainability Education, GCSE (Project Lead)
  • Katja Brundiers, Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor, Arizona State University
  • April Deckert, Senior Instructional Designer, Arizona State University
  • Ryan Johnson, Executive Director, Professional Sustainability Education & Training, Arizona State University
  • Jordan King, Ph.D., Candidate in Sustainability, Arizona State University
  • Rod Parnell, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Northern Arizona University
  • Alex Ramey, M.S., Program Manager, Global Council for Science and the Environment 

Join Us! 

Sustainability Education Community of PracticeGCSE convenes  monthly meetings of the Sustainability Education Community of Practice to discuss, shape, and engage in work on this initiative. 

Sustainability Education RoundtableWe also invite all interested parties to join our public roundtables. The next meetings can be found on the GCSE Upcoming Events page. Sign up here to receive quarterly updates or invitations to upcoming events. 


Check our events page for additional opportunities to participate, or visit our YouTube playlist to view past events and meetings.


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